This duffle bag

is used to keep

the books together

in squad cars, etc.


~The drawstring bag

can be given to children

along with the books they


Books to the Rescue is a community-based book drive. It was started by an Usborne Books & More consultant in Ohio, and it is now rapidly spreading across the country.
Our goal is to stock each Coastal Georgia
Police Cruisers and EMS Vehicle with
​$350 worth of tools,
Usborne Books and stuffed animals,
to soothe children who have witnessed or been a part of a traumatic event.
We would love to also supply Books and stuffed animals to:
~ Foster Care Groups
~ Domestic Violence Groups
~ Suicide Groups

This program relies on the participation and support of corporate and individual donors to provide the money to purchase 
first-responder bags for response vehicles, as well as the books, stuffed toys and other materials that will fill those bags.
We are looking to partner up with area nonprofit organizations to collect donations, send donors a 501(c)(3) letter, and hold all the money until we are able to purchase the books and plush toys. 

100% of the money goes to the purchase of the bags and contents. It costs about $250 for each bag and the books and toys to fill it.

Thanks to the Literacy for a Lifetime matching grant program from Usborne Books and More, every donation helps even more children.
This grant means that a $250 donation provides all of  the cost of a single bag and half of another. 
A $500 donation buys three filled bags.

Smaller donations are just as valuable, and they, too, are matched, so a $20 donation means $30 towards the books.

To learn more about Literacy for a Lifetime, read about the program at           

To find out about the nationwide Books to the Rescue! programs contact Jana Gruber at

How Books To The Rescue Works
​Want to help out here in Coastal Georgia?

The first way you can help is by making a donation of any amount to help purchase the bags and contents.

After that, you can help spread the word in your city or county. If you are a member of a civic or charitable organization, schedule a time when the Books to the Rescue program director can come to speak with your members. Contact your friends and family and share with them about this great opportunity to help the children of your community and to show your support for the everyday heroes  who work to keep your community safe.
Want to start

To be a part of our Coastal Georgia team or get more information before you donate contact us at

How You Can Get Involved
Together We Can Make 

A Difference!



Usborne Books & More publishes more than 1,500 titles, and the department, or organization, may choose any of those to include in the first-responder bags. Typically, the bags will include these selections.

                        This adorable book comes with                                 reusable “bandage” stickers to make t            make the animals’ “boo-boos” feel                           all better!

Cuddle Bear knows all

about the healing power

of hugs!


                                               Jonathon James learns                 all                          all about taming that                            sca                  scary Whatif Monster


Usborne Books & More also offers a variety of activity and coloring books, as well as chapter books for older children.


For Coastal Georgia
What Books Are 

We supply book sets for police cruisers and EMS vehicles in the Coastal Georgia area, so that the officers can give them to the children in crisis. It is crucial that we find ways to provide for these kids and show them we care. It only takes a moment to touch the life of a child and the children are, after all, the future.

Books To The Rescue is a program started by Jana Gruber, an independent consultant with Usborne Books & More in Greene County, Ohio. Today this program is sweeping the nation trying to provide books to children who are in traumatic situations; to provide them with some comfort in a time that would otherwise leave them in distress.

Did you know ...

  • Research shows that 25% of children will experience some type of trauma by their 18th birthday, often with long-term psychological effects?
  • Books calm children in crisis?
  • When first responders provide books, they not only reduce the trauma experienced by the children, they build positive relationships with both the children and adults involved in the event?
Bringing Smiles
​Building Bridges